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Natural Beauty

Our story

How it’s start
From 2009 I started to work in the hair business. In the beginning I started my way in Dallas
Texas, Las Vegas and Colorado.

As well I worked at many expos and conventions all over the US, Florida, Washington, California and more.

In Las Vegas I worked for many years. I had clients from everywhere in the world Canada, Australia, Dubai, Mexico.

I was listening to their dreams of fuller, thicker, longer hair, Hair extensions with exact hair color
and shade for maximum blend, hair topper and wigs that look natural, I saw a lot of hair colors,
hair shades, hair problems and womens hair needs.

I got a lot of experience and a few years later I opened my own mini kiosk in Las Vegas, and started my own hair solution brand.

The beauty and the beasty, luxury hair solutions brand that will make all your dreams come true.

A brand that will give you the hair you always wanted and couldn’t find.

I created hair extensions techniques, hair toppers technique, exclusive hair colors and shades that will give you maximum blend and maximum comfort in minimum time.

I was working with women from all over the world and gave my clients solutions for thinning hair,
short hair, hair styling, Hair extensions exact shades and colors, all hair extensions and hair toppers techniques, Comfortable Hair solutions so u can be with and feel without.

I fell in love with the feeling of changing my clients hair in a second and seeing the happiness it gave them.

On this website we sale all hair techniques and you have an option to custom your own hair
>>custom yourself store

As well, if you can’t find the hair extensions/ wig / topper you want contact us
>> Special custom

And we will custom for you the hair you always wanted.

I am here to make your dreams a reality.

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